India is known for it's cultural diversity and textiles be it muslin,silks,satin and cottons which are valued world over. In the same spirit RAGHUVIR was established in 1968 to meet the local demand and it became one of the largest Textile Processing Company covering variety of products which enjoyed excellent reputation amongst its clientele.

After getting tremendous response the company management thought of putting weaving plant by which consistency of quality could be achieved. The Board of Directors foreseeing process house to set standards of excellence in the textile industry. Further continuing this process one more process house was established, thus a total commitment to Modernization. The company achieved a great success in local market by supplying fabrics to leading Garment and Made Ups exporters. In view of the Continuous Export demand, Management thought of their own exports, which was achieved in 1991.

As curtains and walls between nation collapse, the world comes closer... and the market grows bigger. The RAGHUVIR Group's corporate vision sensed the trend and prepared it self to compete by strategic investments in putting Wider Processing plant, Dyeing, Printing and finish width up to 125". The Company has its own stitching unit equipped with latest Japanese machines with the capacity to stitch/deliever 2,50,000 bed sets a month.

Instead of yellow right something like success in export and launching the brand RSL throughout India.